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Application: Water, Sewer and Trash Service

  1. STOP!

    If you are moving in the next 24 hours, please do not complete this online form!

  2. Please contact the Customer Service Center, 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday - Friday, 724-776-4806.

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  4. If you are renting, please do not complete this online form!

  5. Are you moving into Forest Park, Laurelwood, Old Towne or have a landlord? If so, you are a tenant. Mail or drop off the application in person along with a $200.00 Security Deposit, payable by cash, check or money order a minimum of one day prior to your move in date. The Security Deposit shall be held in a non interest bearing account and shall be refunded when your service is cancelled. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing of the Security Deposit refund after the final bill is produced. In addition, a $10.00 Non Refundable Application fee will be applied to your first water and sewer bill.

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  7. Account Holder Information

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  9. New Address Requiring Service

  10. Mailing address is the same as the service location*

  11. If your mailing address will be different than the service location, please complete below:

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  13. Solid Waste (Trash)

  14. Other Information

  15. In submitting this form, the account holder acknowledges and agrees to the following conditions

  16. As the property owner, the account holder agrees to be responsible for the $10.00 Non Refundable Application Fee and understands that this fee will be applied to their first water and sewer bill.

    The account holder agrees to be responsible for the Services and also agrees to accept such services in accordance with the Rules, Regulations and Schedule of Rates as adopted. It is understood that this Application, together with the Rules, Rates and Schedules of Rates so adopted, become the Service Contract.

    Bills are normally issued on a monthly basis. Payment in full is due on the dates shown of the bills. A 10% Penalty is charged to account balances not paid by the due date. Owners are advised that non-payment of bills may result in termination of services.

    The account holder is responsible for notifying Cranberry Township, in advance, when service is no longer required. Until notification is given, the account holder is liable for all charges accumulated on the account.

    If the account holder agrees to the above conditions and, to the best of his or her knowledge, all information provided is true and accurate, please click the submit button below.

    Please review all information prior to submitting your application.

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