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1. What are your office hours?
2. What is the population of Cranberry Township?
3. Who are the utility companies?
4. Seneca Valley School District phone numbers?
5. What are the phone numbers of the neighboring communities?
6. When is Halloween (Trick-or-Treat) celebrated in Cranberry Township?
7. Where is the local Blood Bank?
8. What is the Red Cross phone number?
9. What is the Salvation Army phone number?
10. What is the address, phone number, and web site address for the Butler County Courthouse?
11. Where is the other Cranberry Township?
12. What PennDOT district are we in? What is the address and phone number?
13. What is the State Police non-emergency number?
14. Who is the waste hauler for Cranberry Township?
15. When and where is the Farmers Market?
16. What is the phone number for the Cranberry Township Post Office?
17. Who handles hazardous waste disposal?
18. How do I find the right human service agency to help me?
19. What is the address & phone number and website for Career Link?
20. Where can I get a license for my pet?
21. When will you do my street sweeping?
22. How do I deal with skunks, racoons, possums, or other “wild” animals living under my porch or in my attic?
23. Who do I call when I observe a dead or injured animal on the roadway?
24. When I have a party, can guests park on the street?