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Posted on: July 16, 2018

Cranberry elevates safety campaign at Waterpark

No drownings have ever occurred in the 20 years that Cranberry’s Community Waterpark has been operating.  But this year alone, 64 rescues have taken place in its pool, and that was only during the first half of its three-month season.  Water can be deadly, which is why the Township’s entire Parks & Recreation staff are ramping up safety awareness at the Waterpark.

The key  is parental supervision of children.  It is particularly important for parents of children younger than seven to recognize that they are the first line of defense against drowning accidents.  Lifeguards, who are constantly scanning the water, look for people in trouble.  Parents are needed to keep their children from getting into trouble in the first place.
To help, Waterpark staff members strongly recommend that parents join their children in the water, regardless of their swimming abilities, and keep non-swimmers within arms-reach at all times.  Coast Guard approved life vests are available for sale from the Waterpark guest services hut for $20 and are recommended for non-swimmers; unapproved flotation devices are unsafe and their use is prohibited.  

In addition, the Waterpark staff is re-naming the 15-minutes each hour formerly designated as “adult swim” as “safety break.”  The idea behind it is to keep children from becoming exhausted in the pool, which can be deadly.  And the Waterpark pool formerly designated as the “Zero-Depth Entry” or “Baby Pool” is now being referred to as the “Wading pool,” to distinguish it from the deeper adjacent “Swimming pool.”

New informational signs are being posted around the pools and in the changing rooms.  Guests are requested to sign a non-binding safety pledge as they enter the Waterpark.  Temporary tattoos with safety messages are available for children.  And pool staff members are being encouraged to share safety messages with guests.

The Cranberry Waterpark, in North Boundary Park, is open every day from 11:30 AM to 8:00 PM, weather permitting.

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