Build Your Business

  1. Business Resources

    Contact information for utilities, transportation, education, internet and more - including Business Hub Social Media presentation, packed with tips and suggestions.

  2. Chambers of Commerce

    Local businesses may choose to join one, or both local Chambers of Commerce.

  3. Commuter Information

    Cranberry Business Hub has partnered with CommuteInfo, a program of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission, to assist residents and those who work in Cranberry, to learn more about commuter services.

  4. Fees, Codes, & Ordinances

    Research fees, codes, and ordinances.

  5. Home-Based Business

    Business or commercial activities which are compatible with residential ares.

  6. Sidewalk Maintenance

  7. Signs

    Review rules and regulations for exterior signage.

  8. Taxes

    Information related to Property Tax, Earned Income Tax, Business Privilege/Merchantile Tax and Licenses, Local Services Tax.

  9. The Permit Process

    Information regarding submittals for code compliance using the Zoning Ordinance, Land Development/Subdivision Ordinance and Public & Private Improvements Code.

  10. What Are They Building?

    Check it out! Just opened, opening soon, under construction and developments under review. Discover all the new businesses and those under development.

  11. Building & Zoning Codes

    Coding & Zoning