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Service Application: Sewer, Water and Trash 
Self-service application form

One-time Sewer credit Use this form when: You are starting a lawn at a newly built home; filling a newly built pool for the first time; or topping-off your pool. This form requests a credit for the sewer charges that would otherwise be associated with water used in starting a new lawn or filling a new swimming pool. Note: The request must be for the current year. Sewer Credit Request

Construction Meter Request. Use this form when: You are a contractor building a structure that needs water service at the construction site. This form requests Township water service and the installation of a temporary water meter during construction. Fees are involved. Construction Meter Request Form
Home Inspection: Water Turn On/Off Request. Use this form when: You are buying or selling an empty house and need water service for a home inspection. This form requests a Township technician to turn the water on during the inspection and turn it off when the inspection is done. There is a $50. fee for the turn-on/turn-off service. Water Turn On/Off Request Form
Moving - Request Final Reading. Use this form when: You are moving out and need to request a meter reading for a final water and sewer statement. For moves taking place the next day, call 724-776-4806 during business hours. Moving Out/ Final Reading Request

Sewer Deduct Meter Request. Use this form when: You use a significant amount of water outdoors that never goes into the sewer system. This form asks the Township to install a meter to read the volume of water you use outdoors. The sewer charges for that amount of water are then deducted from your bill. You buy the meter and pay the related plumbing charges. Is a deduct meter right for you? 

Water Leak Credit Adjustment. Use this form when: Your home has had a significant water leak due to a broken pipe or meter. This form requests relief from the sewer charges associated with water lost in the leak. Apply for a credit on your sewer service charges,

Temporary Shut-Off. Use this form when: You will be away for an extended period or are changing tenants in a rental property you own and want the Township to shut-off water to that account from the curb. Temporary Water Service Turn Off Request

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Testing Forms

Backflow Prevention Tester
Double Check Valve Test and Maintenance Report Form

RPZ Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly

Non-Residential Establishments and Application for Wastewater Discharge Permit. New businesses moving into Cranberry Township must complete and submit this survey. Wastewater Survey